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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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all of this media here, this is a problem for her her, right? >> it speaks to her challenges, but also her strengths. her strength is that obviously she can command this media attention, get all this earned media, which is are an for president can't beunder estimated. this crowd, there are over 250 media from all over the country and all over the world. as far away as japan. this is a bigger crowd than anything we saw in 2008 when i was covering her campaign then. >> if you talk to iowans like we have the last few days, one thing they want from her in comparison to last time is they want her to get out in the crowds and meet people. that's what we're watching for
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later after she speaks. >> they really want her to connect, and the reason that iowa is such a big deal is even though you may not remember it and, trust me, i bet hillary clinton wishes everyone would forget about when she was here in 2008 she came in third now it's the beginning of the beginning. i was talking to a caucus goer for then senator obama. that person said obama was just so electric, but now i support hillary clinton. it also makes me wonder about whether there's an enthusiasm gap. >> i did a piece on this. there's widespread respect for hillary clinton. she leads polls by 40, 50 points against joe biden, elizabeth warren, any name you throw out there. martin o'malley. that organic passion so far isn't there in the way that it
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was for barack obama. >> there was a care iz ma deficit. >> we're going to see, obviously, if she can try to make that up once she decides whether she's running or not. >> back to you, deb. we're watching this, and we expect hillary clinton and her husband will be here any moment. >> it's interesting because obviously the importance is to be able to mobilize supporters and maybe as peter said, sort of generate that kind of organic passion. i'm disappointed that you grill the steaks. it's a steak fry. now i have to get my head around that. thanks to both of you. we appreciate it. we have much more just ahead in the newsroom. it all starts right now. >> hello, everyone.
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i'm deborah ferrick. horror being expressed over the beheading of a third hostage. british humanitarian aide worker david haines. the gruesome video like the ones we saw before showing his beheading posted on-line yesterday. it is similar to the killings of american james foley and steve sotloff and the masked executioner sounds like the same man that we saw in those previous videos. the humanitarian group that haines worked with said it is appalled by haines beheading calling it a crime against humanity. haines is being remembered as a loving husband and father of two children. his brother cause him just another bloke. he spoke out to the ittn network. >> my first response could be one of hatred. my brother's life wasn't about hatred. it was about love for all man. >> haines' executioner blames
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the man's beheading on great britain's "evil alliance with america." the militant threatened to kill another british hostage identified m video as aide worker alan henning. >> i'm joined by senior international correspondent nick robertson in london and erin mcpike who is live at the white house. erin, we're going to come to you straight away, but, nick, i want to ask you first, what more do we know about prime minister cameron's plan? he was very forceful. he was tackling terrorism at home. now it seems that he is willing to go one step farther. >> he says david haine is a british hero, and his family should be proud of him and his humanitarian work. david cameron seems to be building a case here for british people to realize that something must be done. that britain needs to be
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involved. he said they cannot hide from this. he really seems to be framing an argument and a case that britain is going to have to be more involved. he has ruled out boots on the ground, but he still has a way open here to join the united states in air strikes in syria. he is not there yet. he doesn't have the political support, though i think we were hearing the leanings towards that in what he had to say about this brutal murder. >> he there issed there are 500 known citizens of the u.k., and there are other from surrounding countries. one of them possibly the man in the video. the executioner. are officials closer to identifying who he is? >> if they are, they aren't
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saying it. when i interviewed david cameron, i asked him that. he said we are getting information and sharing it with our allies, and he very clearly meant the united states. he didn't say what it's got. it would be -- you wouldn't expect him to, i suppose, in many ways. we had been led to believe by the british ambassador and the united states that perhaps britain was very close. now they seem to have backed away from that. >> if you think about the 500 people that have traveled to that region, clearly they have family, friends there. it's accurate to believe that intelligence is at least working with these families to get as much information as they can to where these people may have traveled and when they're coming
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back. >> absolutely. some of the families themselves have said that my son, my daughter in some cases, they've left. some have tracked them down themselves. they've gone to the police, gone to the government and said we want help. so certainly doors -- some doors are open, but, of course, there are people who are going that the deposit support really yet aware of. people whose families are too afraid to talk or may be thekt. it's not an easy job. what the government is doing is trying to catch those coming back, taking away their passports for a limited period, giving the police the powers continued to question them. if a judge then rultz you can get more time to question them, their passports can be held longer. there can be more questioning. >> the notion of taking
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somebody's passport away here, it's something if you asked people a year ago, they wouldn't have fwaun for it. now you find people a lot more supportive about a hard measure against all these young men and women who are trying to leave britain and join isis. >> certainly a brave thing for the muslim families to be doing as well, making sure that the terror threat is extinguished before it happens. thank you. we appreciate it that. turning now to washington. the obama administration reacting to the beheading of david haines. erin mcpike joins from yous the white house. erin, they're looking at this. they know that there's yet another man, a potential fourth victim that these isis terrorists might kill. what are you hearing? what i would point out to you is the unfortunate act this was, what it has done is seemed to parkle a little bit of speed with which secretary kerry softballing this international
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coalition. european allies of the united states as well as middle eastern countries. secretary of state john kerry was on cbs this morning, and he addressed that. listen. >> we have countries in this region, countries outside of this region. >> we're not looking to put troops on the ground. there are some who have offered to do so. we are not looking for that at this moment, anyway. sdoo let's clarify. he is referring to u.s. troops on the ground. you were just talking about how british prime minister david cameron also said there is not going to be any british troops on the ground. there are american troops in
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security roles in iraq. there are no combat troops as yet they have been clear there have to be troops some of kind, but this idea that no american troops on the ground in a combat way, that's starting to get some skepticism. especially from republicans like south carolina senator redskinsy graham who was on fox this morning. listen here. >> this is a turning point in the war on terror. we're fighting a terrorist army. not an organization. it's going to take an army to beat an army, and this idea we'll never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in syria is fantasy, so i will not let this president suggest to the american people we can outsource our security, and this is not about our safety. there is no way in hell you could form an army on the ground to go into syria to destroy isil
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without a substantial american component. >> however, our latest polling shows that 61% of americans do not want to see american troops on the ground. what they want, 76% of americans say they want to see more air strikes. it could be a step in defeating isis, deb. >> the president will have to go to congress to see how this all plays out. thank you so. , erin mcpike there for us at the white house. and the fight against isis will be like no other. the u.s. and its coalitions have ever faced before. do we have the right strategy for fighting the militant group? our panel weighs in next. dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad.
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let's talk more about the legacy being left behind by
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david haines, the british aide worker killed by isis terrorists. we heard a short comment from his brother just a little earlier. let's listen to more from him about david haines' life and how his heartbroken family is dealing with this tragic loss. >> if i said my brother was a saint, i would be a liar. he has made many mistakes like us all. he tried to be a better man. he tried to account for his mistakes in previous life through good work. stwloo you've had to cope with knowledge of his captivity for months. how have you borne that? >> it has been difficult. we knew that my family are very
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close, very strong. we have helped each other, and we've had very, very good support from family liaison officers, from the foreign commonwealth office. we have felt very much part of the team. >> david haines was captured in syria in 2013. he was threatened at the end of that video that showed the execution of the u.s. journalist for time magazine steven sotloff. atika shubert has more on his life. >> reporter: david haines was a father and a husband, but he was also a hostage of isis, the islamic state in iraq and syria. captured in march 2013 working at a syrian refugee camp for french aid group. haines had more than a decade of experience doing aide work, to handicap international, and
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working as an unarmed peacekeeper with nonviolence peace wars. he grew up in scotland, proudly wearing a kilt for his wedding. his family has declined to comment, but their plight is clear on-line. his teenage daughter from his first marriage makes it clear on-line how much she misses her father by answering just three questions. what's missing in your life that would make you very happy? my dad being at home, she answers. as his family waited, david haines had become a pawn in the game of hostages now played by isis. atika shubert, cnn, london. we've heard from the relief organization that haines was working with. that relief organization called acted. in its statement it says the horrible assassination of david, an aide worker, goes against all humanitarian principles and is a crime against humanity. this barbaric crime must not remain unpunished. secretary of state john kerry spent this weekend in the middle east trying to get support from other nations to help destroy the terror group.
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well, it seems kerry's efforts did not go in vein. today he told cbs news that some nations "are clearly prepared to take action in the air along side the united states. i want to discuss this now with kyron skinner, the director of international relations and political -- and politics at carnegie mellon university, and also matthew, a company commander in iraq. matthew, how can the u.s. work with other nations coordinating some sort of u.s. air strike and making sure that the efforts are more in the air and diplomatic as opposed to on the ground and very different? >> well, thank you for having me on, deb. just a quick i want to pass condolences to the haines family and sotloff and foley families as well. i can't imagine the grief they must be going through. we can't allow that to provoke us into action that will worsen the conflict, and i've been very outspoken against the prospects of air strikes in both iraq and
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syria. i feel that this is a provocation that's goding the united states to take sides in a civil war. that's something that the islamic state wants and needs. by introducing airpower on behalf of one side in this sectarian civil war, you are going to exasper ate the conflict and make it much more difficult to bring about any form of reconciliation. >> do you think that's what's happening? that the u.s. and great britain are taking the bait when it comes to what their global responsibility should be to face this challenge? >> i see that point, but there are really few options. this is not a situation any country would want to face, any super power, like the united states. the country that really is the global organizer. we have in a way been backed into a corner.
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if we do nothing, isis grows stronger. if we do something, it can make a stronger case that this is a case between isis and the u.s. -- or the u.s. versus islam and really inflame many more sunnis and other arabs as well. it's a difficult situation, but we must act. the time has come. the deaths are piling up. just the atrocities that are happening. this weekend has been very painful to see yet another beheading. all of us send our condolences to the family. if the united states doesn't move, the international system is going to have a very difficult time responding, and we see with secretary kerry's diplomatic offensive just how much momentum he has gotten to get arabs involved. the coalition that's now been formed, without the united states and perhaps without the demonstration of airpower, that coalition which will do important diplomatic, political, and military work would not be
12:21 pm
in existence right now. >> matthew, let me ask you. in terms of u.s. air strikes, the u.s. is quick to say that, in fact, air strikes helped degrade al qaeda, taking out much of its senior leadership. obviously, the navy seal targeting of osama bin laden also helped degrade that organization. do you believe that this could perhaps happen with isis as well? is time really an issue here? >> no. you know, i base most of my understanding on this from isis predecessor in iraq which i fought against twice in iraq, and the first time we tried to defeat them militarily applying heavy, heavy pressure on the ground as well as in the air, against what we termed al qaeda was, in fact, sunni insurgency. it wasn't until 2006 and 2007 when we made political overtures to sunnis answered they are grievances and addressed the repression that they felt that they divorce themselves from al
12:22 pm
qaeda. i see the same dynamic happening here again. the sunnis have been for years facing mass arrests, mass killings, disappearances as well as being shut out of the iraqi government, and that's why they have now aligned themselves with islamic states, so i'm afraid that any type of pressure you put on the sunni community will only drive them closer to the islamic state. >> and very quickly, is there political solution to this, do you believe, or must it be forced? >> well, we're not doing what we did before the surge. we're actually working very hard on the diplomatic and political side, so we're not just invoking air strikes and a military solution and training rebels and training shia militias and so forth. this is really a full spectrum response by the obama administration moving all the way from diplomatic humanitarian providing security assistance and now the new commitment to train and help equip a new national guard in iraq that will
12:23 pm
work with the iraqi military and then ultimately police its own communities. we're doing something very, very different than we've done in the past. >> all right. ciaran skinner and matthew hoag, thank you. we appreciate broet both of your insights on this. >> thank you. >> the 2016 race for president still a very long way away. more than 700 days. we all know how important iowa is to the presidential race. right now hillary clinton is there frying -- although i found out it's actually grilling some steaks along with her husband. we take to you the annual harkin steak fry coming up. ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip, and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep.
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high profile political event happening right now in iowa. there you see members of the press all focused on tom harkin, but most especially, potential presidential wannabe hillary clinton. this is the annual fundraiser headlined by retiring senator tom harkin. he has held this event for some 37 years, and there you see mr. clinton. both of them are there. they're there to meet and greet and shake hands, one, obviously bill clinton has been president. the other one, well, seems like she would like to be. we expect to hear from both of them shortly. that's going to be coming up. what can we read into these speempz by hillary and bill
12:28 pm
clinton? our expert political panel is here with some answers. in miami we go to political commentator anna navarro, in los angeles, and hillary rosen. ron, first you. what do you expect to hear? this is almost like the shadow campaign we have going on, right? everything is put into position. everything in play to make sure that she's presented in the best light. >> right. well, i think generally it's going to be, you know, praising tom harkin. i think also the democrats are in a very tough senate race there trying to hold the seat. i suspect that she will be trying to boost the democratic senate candidate there bruce braley. generally speaking, i think less is more for hillary clinton. i don't think she's looking to make a lot of news in 2014 and maybe even in early 2015. it's to her advantage to be seen as less political for as long as possible given that one of the biggest concerns is a fear that people would be seeing her as being around too long. probably less spotlight is more
12:29 pm
for her for the time being. >> you know, a little fatigue syndrome will set in. let's look at our latest poll of iowa registered democrats. it shows that hillary clinton is way out front. 53%. joe biden is in double digits. he is at 15%. hillary rosen, what does this say about the democratic field? is this what we're going to get, or is there that sort of secret come from behind candidate like we saw with barack obama? >> you know, there's always the possibility of a come from behind candidate. i think the closer we get, the harder it is to see who that person is who is going to really galvanize a significant number of democrats, but it's absolutely possible, and the person who knows that best is hillary clinton, which is why this iowa visit today is kind of both symbolically and strategically important. symbolically i think just because it's a step out into the 2014 elections in a big public way, but strategically important
12:30 pm
because this was not a place in 2008 where she was able to kind of galvanize the base in a way that she needed to. iowa democrats are kind of notoriously a little more liberal than other democratic primary voters in some of the other early primary states, so getting a boost in iowa for hillary clinton says a lot about where the base would be in 2016. >> so anna navarro, a poll of iowa's registered republicans really shows a real race. you've got a talk show host and former arkansas governor mike huc huckabee. he has 21%. paul ryan is at 12%. stand by. we are going to go to hillary clinton right now. i think she's about to say something. ir maybe not. hang on her every word. let's listen. okay. a little bit of a tease there. let's go back to the republicans. you got mike huckabee leading in 21%. paul ryan, 12%.
12:31 pm
senator rand paul in third place. with a field that's so divided, actually rather close, can the gop field a strong candidate if hillary clinton is able to sort of coast to the democratic nomination? >> oh, absolutely. look, i think what those republican polls show is that our field is wide open this time. it's almost like one of those teen movies from the 1980s or 1990s where people switched personalities. usually republicans have an heir in waiting, an anointed person, and democrats fire it out. what we're seeing this time is that hillary clinton is the establishment candidate, the anointed one, and people in iowa don't necessarily like that. they like to have their votes earned. they look to look at their candidates, feel their candidates, touch them, hear them, and have them address their issues. yes, the republicans can field a strong candidate. we have been at this before where hillary clinton looked
12:32 pm
unbeatable and invincible, and we all know how that turned out in 2008. >> it's very interesting. she is sort of near the mikes, but not quite addressing the mikes directly, but i want to answer your question because we sit here, and we say will she, won't she, will she, won't we? what are the chances she will not run? ron, i want to go to you first. >> i think that if there are no health problems, it is overwhelmingly likely that she would run. i think the opportunity to make history as the first female nominee, if not the first female president i think is irresistible. i think as anna said, there's kind of a history in the democratic party of giving the frontrunner a scare, but in the frontrunner in the end almost always wins. almost always wins. i think she's a strong a primary candidate as we've seen, and i can't imagine her turning her back on it unless there was an irresistible, you know, physical health problem that made it impossible for her to run. >> and interesting. one of the questions that somebody shouted out to her was whether, in fact, she would run in 2016. she said, you know, this is about midterm electrics.
12:33 pm
we've got that nugget. just by a show of thumbs, anna, hillary, is she in or is she out? >> she's in. i think she's in. >> anna. >> who knows? >> can i make one more? i -- >> really quickly. 50 seconds. >> it's that every single day since she left the secretary of state's office, people come up to hillary clinton and say please run, please run, please run. she hears it although time. she's actually in a place today where those people actually could have something to do with her succeeding. >> all right. all of us, when we look at this, it's all a dry run. all right. thank you so much, anna navarro, ron brownstein, and hillary rosen. thank you for your time and your insights. thanks. take care. british prime minister david cameron makes a vow to crush isis after the terror group beheads a british aid worker. he is going to lay out that strategy coming up straight ahead.
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david haines' family is mourning today after the 44-year-old british aide worker was killed in a horrifying, showed in a grausome video posted on-line. the video is very much the same as those showing the executions of americans james foley as well
12:38 pm
as steven sotloff and the masked executioner looks and sounds like the same man we've heard in previous videos. he blames haines' death on great britain's -- what he calls its evil alliance with america. he threatens to kill another british hostage identified in the video as aide worker alan henning. well, reports of young men joining the fight with isis continue to pour in, but now we know more about who may be recruiting them. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: he is a 30-year-old with dangerous networking skills. he is said to be a key recruiter for isis. he is a french national just handed over to the french by turkish officials. >> translator: this dangerous terrorist is known by our services and was on the ground from july 2013 until this august." >> reporter: in an interview in february he talked about the people he lured to jihad. ten young ones from straussburg, two young ones from talus. the 16-year-old girl and many others."
12:39 pm
>> how do they get teenagers to join groups like isis? >> they look for teenagers who are unsatisfied with their life and they're unsatisfied with their prospects. they offer a sense of belonging. the whole idea that you are a jihadist or that you are part of this heroic jihadi community. >> reporter: a cia source says more than 15,000 foreign fighters from more than 80 countries have joined various jihadist groups in syria. of those hundreds of westerners are fighting for isis, including maybe a dozen or more americans. well produced, polished videos showing other westerners who joined are a powerful draw. this recent isis recruiting video shows a man identified as an american. he is saying "join the fight." >> please, come who can make it come. come to as soon as possible. >> reporter: intelligence officials say isis targets disgruntled sunni muslims pushed to the sidelines in their countries and kids from poor
12:40 pm
neighborhoods. are they paid to fight? >> after you pass their vetting and they are convinced that you really are a genuine recruit, then you formally become a member of isis, and then you do get a salary. >> once in the fold, part of the recruit's experience can be oddly civilized. one smuggler told buzz feed correspondent he would pick up foreign recruits at the airport like a chauffeur. >> wee stand in the arrivals and hold the sign with the jihadi's name on it and pick him up and drive down to the border to be smuggled in. >> they say one reason groups like isis have slick recruiting is because they have a hard time holding on to foreign recruits. a key reason they get worn down by the infighting between jihadist groups. brian todd, cnn. >> the nfl weighed down by controversies from domestic abugs to alleged child abuse. the league remains under a
12:41 pm
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and it's game day right now in iowa. you can see live pictures there. hillary clinton, former secretary of state there along with her husband, the former president. they are meeting and greeting some of their hard core supporters there.
12:45 pm
it's a perfect day. both are expected to take the mike to greet supporters, to make a statement. they're in the crowd, and a reporter actually asked hillary clinton whether, in fact, she was going to be running for president, and she said no, this is all about the midterm elections. a lot of politicians going to be leaving washington to go off and start campaigning and try to get back to washington after they leave it. so we're looking at that live picture, and of course, we're going to bring you the very latest when the clintons do speak and hear what they have to say. mrs. clinton not commenting either on anything on immigration. take a look at some of the crowds there.
12:46 pm
>> greg hardy was placed on the inactive list today. the team did not say why, but he was convicted of domestic violence earlier in the summer. in a separate case the vikings aid wran peterson was also placed on the inactive list. this is a man who is in the middle of his seven-year contract. peterson was indicted this week for hitting his child. that hit leading to a felony abuse charge against his child. a short time ago we tweeted -- he tweeted a bible verse, and it said "come to me in rest. give your mind a break from its habitual judging." meanwhile, perhaps the biggest firestorm for the nfl last week was its handling of ray rice's domestic abuse case. rice has been indefinitely suspended from the baltimore ravens, but yesterday he showed up to a high school football
12:47 pm
game in his hometown of new rochelle, new york, and his wife there in the gray sweat shirt and the black hat. they were there with their children, their young daughter. day two of the massive manhunt in pennsylvania underway. police are looking for the person who gunned down two state troopers. one trooper was fatally shot. the other is in stable but critical condition. our nick valencia has details on what police are calling an ambush. >> deb, flags are at half staff in northeastern pennsylvania for the state trooper who was shot and killed. another remains hospitalized as investigators continue to look for the suspect or suspects who did this. >> pike county in eastern pennsylvania. >> road closure.
12:48 pm
nobody is to go down south of 402. >> after two pennsylvania state troopers are ambushed just outside a police barracks in blooming grove. >> this attack was an ambush. our troopers were leaving the barracks and were shot without warning and really had no chance to defend themselves. >> one trooper corporal brian dixon was killed in the friday night attack. another trooper alex douglas, is hospitalized in stable but critical condition. >> it's a cowardly attack. it's an attack upon all of us in society and the people of pennsylvania. >> on sunday a manhunt is underway for the person or persons involved in the attack. it's not just pennsylvania officers involved in the search. hundreds of officers for multiple agencies, including new york and new jersey are involved in the hunt. on the ground and in the air. >> we do not believe any particular person is specifically at risk. this attack was directed
12:49 pm
specifically at law enforcement. >> so far no arrests have been made, but police say they are interviewing hundreds of people, and there is a $20,000 reward. >> we're looking for the cooperation of the public. whether it's money that would motivate you or just outrage at this terrible act because i can tell you the pennsylvania state police and law enforcement in general will not arrest until this individual is apprehended. >> on saturday police did bring in someone for questioning, but he was released. investigators tell cnn no arrests have been made. deb. >> nick valencia, thank you so much. there is now also a $50,000 reward for any information leading to the person who did this shooting. isis has been the target of air strike after air strike with respect to the mosul dam in iraq. it actually appears to have worked. will that get the entire job done? what the white house told our candy crowley next. can this decadent, fruit-top pastry with indulgent streusel crumbles be from...
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>> we are back in iowa. that's right. hillary clinton there with her husband, bill clinton. as you see, politics and steak on the grill right now. they do a dry run -- she said no, this
12:54 pm
is about the midterm elections. when asked about that, we do hope she's going to speak in just a little while, and, of course, we will bring that to you live. there's nothing lives like an iowa greeting. well, can you beat a group of -- can you beat a terror group by only fighting when asked president obama's chief of staff that exact question. can you not put boots on the ground? she asked that during her show's state of the union. as you'll see, he hedges when pressed about any country putting any troops there in iraq or syria. >> not going to front run any announcements from any countries
12:55 pm
or from secretary kerry who in the region or from john alan. the president will be -- >> you don't need any specifics. has anyone said yes, we will put -- >> i'm not going to front run any announcements, but the president will be sitting down with john alan on tuesday morning. secretary kerry is continue ing >> the president has sent to congress to authorize us to train and equip the syrian
12:56 pm
opposition on the ground fighting today with better training, better weapons so that they can take the fight to them. we will do the same side on the iraqi border. but ultimately, we can bring air power to bear on this. we can bring isr and training capability. it's going to be iraqi and other boots on the ground that are bringing the fight ultimately. >> there are obviously saw dee arabia and others could put forces on the ground. >> because of the importance of these decisions of congress is to focus on the ser yan opposition. >> just last month said it was a
12:57 pm
myth. put them up against a russian backed syria. >> look, i think that the question that the president was respond to at the time was looking back a couple of years. what's most important here is that the syrian opposition on the ground can count on american and coalition air power to super charge their effort. that's important and that is what is going to be called for in this strategy.
12:58 pm
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